Pensacola Walk Like MADD and MADD Dash


(Credit: Walk Like MADD)

Saturday’s Pensacola Walk Like MADD event raised $10,425 to raise community awareness and help eliminate drunk driving.

Walk Like MADD uses funds to:

  • They offer support programs to help victims cope with their tragedy and loss of a loved one at no charge.
  • MADD provides legal support to victims as they go through the judicial process.
  • MADD provides equipment to local police to better detect and arrest drunk drivers (e.g. preliminary breath testers, passive alcohol sensors, in-vehicle video cameras, signs, lights and cones for setting up sobriety checkpoints).
  • MADD actively works with state and local legislators to adopt tougher laws against drunk driving and closing the loopholes in many existing laws (e.g. mandatory interlocks for ALL convicted DUI offenders, .08 BAC limits, administrative license revocation, vehicle immobilization for repeat offenders, graduated driver licensing for youth).
  • MADD implements educational programs to limit access to alcohol among elementary, middle school, high school, and college students.

To find a walk in your area, please visit Walk like MADD.