Stop the Violence! Apartment Residents Seek End to Community Crime

Children Attend 2012 Prayer Rally to End Violence at River Glen Apartments. (The Augusta Chronicle)

Children Attend Prayer Rally to End Violence at River Glenn Apartments. (The Augusta Chronicle)

Every family has a right to raise their children in a safe, secure environment. Yet, as apartment violence soars across the country, many apartment complex residents live terrified for the safety of their families. The violence must stop!

How can police help to prevent crime in my apartment community?

Many police departments are now taking a proactive approach to apartment crime. They have developed training programs to educate apartment owners and mangers on how to protect residents and reduce community crime. These free incentive programs encourage apartment complex owners to improve their communities through specific physical changes, such as the installation of bright lighting, proper window and door locks, surveillance cameras, and fencing. They also teach apartment owners and managers how to recognize criminal activity on property.

The Dallas Police Department describes their Gold Star Certification Program as “a cooperative effort between the Dallas Police Department, Apartment Association of Greater Dallas, along with owners, managers and residents of apartment communities to combat crime in those communities.”

Talk to your local police department to see if they offer an apartment-focused crime reduction program and what you can do to get your apartment complex owner, manager, and neighbors involved.

Is my apartment complex legally responsible for keeping residents safe?

By law, apartment complex owners and management companies are required to protect all residents and guests legally on premises from any foreseeable harm. For example, should an apartment owner have knowledge of previous violence on or near property, they have a duty to take extraordinary security precautions to protect residents and deter future crime.

Security precautions may include:

  • Enrollment in a crime-reduction training program at the police department.
  • Background checks on tenants prior to residency and a crime-free tenant rental contract.
  • Installment of security precautions, such as bright lighting, security patrols, fencing, gated-entry, surveillance cameras, locks, and alarm systems.
  • Review of daily 911 activity logs for the property and surrounding neighborhood.
  • Proper maintenance of property and structures, including fencing, gating, lighting, windows, cameras and locks.

What can neighbors do to stop crime in their apartment community?

Many apartment complex residents want to take a proactive approach to protecting their families and reducing apartment community crime.

  • See something, say something. Following a string of shootings, residents of a New York apartment complex recently coordinated with police, city leaders, neighbors and apartment management to create a neighborhood watch.
  • Speak out. Residents of a Georgia apartment complex plagued with violence, recently hosted a peace rally to bring attention to apartment complex violence. These peaceful protests encourage neighbors to watch out for one another, community leaders and police to get involved, and witnesses and victims of violent crimes to come forward.
  • Know your rights. If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one to apartment complex violence, speak with an experienced premises liability firm to learn your rights. No one should have to raise their family in fear.

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