Third Evansville Rental Community Reaches Gold-Level Status in Police Crime Prevention Initiative

Shady Tree Apartments Achieves Gold-Level Status in Crime Prevention Initiative

Shady Tree Apartments Achieves Gold-Level Status in Crime Prevention Initiative

Local News

The Evansville police department has reportedly recognized its third gold-level participant in the department’s Crime-Free-Multi-Housing program.

Shady Tree Apartments, a 126 unit complex off North Fulton Avenue, is apparently the third rental community to be recognized for reaching gold-level status in the voluntary program. A group of townhomes and the Sunrise East complex, on Covert Avenue, have also achieved the recognition.

According to Evansville Courier Press, EPD joined the worldwide crime-reduction initiative in 2013. The program is a collaborative crime prevention effort, which educates apartment owners and managers on recognizing criminal activity, such as drug use, and making their communities safer for their residents. Safety and security improvements may include physical changes, such as installing outdoor lighting and window locks. The program also provides daily 911 activity reports on each property, so that owners and managers may take steps to address any issues in their communities.

“It’s working on the screening and tenant-retention process and working on the physical environment to make it a safer place,” Police Officer Kevin Corbin told Evansville Courier Press. “Obviously nothing is ever going to be 100 percent safe…but [the program] is saying [criminal behavior] will not be tolerated. And that ownership and management, along with the police department, are going to work together to keep the place safe for everyone.”

Media reports indicate there are over 500 properties currently participating in the program, including low-income and luxury residences, ranging from single-units and duplexes to large-scale apartment complexes.

“It doesn’t matter what your economic status is; you deserve to live in a place that is free of crime…,” Officer Corbin describes the police department’s expectation for Evansville residents.

Our Legal Take

The Murray Law Firm applauds the Evansville Police Department in their proactive approach to reducing community crime and the rental owners and managers, such as Shady Tree Apartments, who are taking action to improve the safety and security in their own communities.

By law, apartment complex owners and management companies are required to protect all residents and guests legally on premises from any foreseeable harm. For example, should an apartment owner have knowledge of previous crime on or near property and fail to implement adequate security precautions to protect residents and deter future crime, they may be held civilly liable for any injuries or wrongful deaths that occur as a consequence.

The Murray Law Firm protects victims of apartment violence and security negligence. Many of our Clients have been severely injured in, or lost family members to, apartment complex violence, which may have been prevented. In their honor, we encourage all apartment owners and managers to work with their local police departments to improve the safety and security of their properties and deter crime. Perhaps, through such safety training and community cooperation, many other lives may be spared.

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